Logmein123 scam

Be aware! You may receive a phone call from someone saying they are from Microsoft tech and they’d like to help you with your ‘infected’ computer.

They are trying to get access to your computer to exploit it.

In case you did follow their instructions and instilled malware software, please read the suggestions below:

  • It is essential you remove the logmein, get a good firewall (Comodo is good and free) and change all your passwords.
  • Scan your computer for malware, they probably infected you with something as well. It may be a trojan or a keylogger so you really do need to get a good firewall to stop it.
  • Download and install Free AntiVirus Software e.g. AVIRA antivirus
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[Solved] Windows Mail removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail


  • Open Outlook Express / Windows Mail
  • Go to top menu.
  • Select Tools -> Options
  • Go to the Security tab.
  • Make sure “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus” is not checked.
  • Click OK.

Hope that helps.

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[Solved] Mouse selects everything

why is my mouse highlighting everything


If your mouse keeps highlighting everything on the page in your browser, try pressing Shift and Escape (Shift + ESC) at the same time to solve the problem.

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Even a monkey can do it

Interesting commercial has been released recently. Title says: “Even a monkey can do it”. I must say that creators of the commercial humiliated most of the computer users ;) I don’t think general user can open up the box and install RAM for example. In addition, I’m surprised with ATI to produce such a commercial, it looks cheap and might be offensive for some people. Didn’t like it at all.

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Making Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” in Ableton

Just stumbled upon very interesting video on YouTube “Making Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” in Ableton by Jim Pavloff”. It shows how to make Prodigy’s legendary track “Smack My Bitch Up” in Ableton. Video describes, which samples were used by Liam in this wonderful track. This is a must to watch, that’s how you make a world wide hit in 10 minutes ;)

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Cipher – magic glass

Cipher glass

Serbian designer Damjan Stanković created magic glass Cipher that can “recognize” beverages: orange juice, milk or coke. It works simply by highlighting pixels pattern which depends on the color of the drink.

It looks cool on the picture and I wonder how cool and practical this glass is in real life. There is no price on the magic glass just yet, but I wouldn’t buy for more than $5, and don’t really need Cipher, since I don’t drink any of theses beverages.

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Make Ubuntu look like Windows XP

New distribution is now available for Ubuntu 9.10 and it’s theme looks almost the same as Windows XP. Ubuntu distribution was created by YLMF team after Microsoft pushed hard on piracy in China.

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dxgmms1.sys crash – Blue Screen Of Death

Desired Blue Screen Of Death

There have been a number of issues reported experiencing Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) crash on Vista and Windows 7 related to dxgmms1.sys and nvlddmkm.sys files. There are few solutions available and all of them are not 100% guarantee to fix your problem :-\

Please specify solution that worked for you in the comments below.

Solution 1

Try installing Windows hot-fix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/974431

Solution 2

nvidia drivers may cause BSOD, try running the straight up vista/windows 7 drivers

Solution 3

There might be a bad memory or other piece of hardware. Run the built-in Memory Diagnostic or other diagnostic tools to find any potential problems.

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