CX 5500 printer question

thitryfiver, Mar 18, 3:00am
CX 5500 printer question Have a new Epson printer. printing & working well but around the ON button there is a green light blinking, I have read online manual, & phoned Noel Leeming where it was purchased from last week, but guy had no idea, he did say it was OK to turn printer off after use, but did not think it was anything to worry about if I left printer on, I asked if it may be showing either sleep mode or standby mode with blinking green light, but again guy did not know I have e mailed Epson but have no reply , would welcome answers .

crab2, Mar 18, 4:36am
Ring Epson nz on 0800237766. I think you may just need to turn it off and see what happens when you turn it back on after say half an hour. Have you updated the drivers?

thitryfiver, Mar 18, 8:03am
Thanks crab2 Printer is new.everything installed last Friday. & no error messages,it is printing pefectly but that blinking light worries me. Thanks for the ph,no.will phone Epson tomorrow morning,last time I turned printer off I just left it off over weekend until Mon afternoon. it peformed normally then,well as fsr as I know in the short time I have had it, after I finished printing yesterday I did not turn printer off & later last night,noticed green light blinking again.

chunkymonkey1, Mar 18, 8:22am
.... Mine does it too. Im pretty sure its just like a standby thing or something because my printer works fine.

tessie2, Mar 18, 9:25am
Mine too. It's in my bedroom and is annoying at night so I put a book over the blinking thing.

nzmu, Mar 18, 9:36am
It only blinks when computer is off doesn't it? I think mine does the same - older model. I usually turn it off after use but occassionally forget.

thitryfiver, Mar 18, 11:59pm
Blinking light Phoned Epson this morning, spoke to technician, he told me the light was blinking because it was busy,? told him it was through the night & afternoon, after I had finished printing so it was not 'busy' he then said to press the power button,which would stop the light,he added the normal green light would not blink, but would just show green , I have since pressed power button & light is gone,& no light at all now.
My printer is in bedroom also & annoying to have it flashing non stop, apart from wondering why ?
Thanks for all comments

crab2, Mar 19, 1:41am
Have you tried to unstall the software and reinstall it to your computer. Another thing I was thinking is on your printer icon right click to get up the box to see if there are any still to be printed. Hope you understand that last bit lol

olwen, Mar 19, 2:03am
Mine blinks most of the time. I thinks that's standby.

crab2, Mar 19, 2:38am
That's probably all it is and it could be a power saving thing too.

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