network adapter problem

jade1122, Aug 20, 4:29am
Network adapter problem my friend had vista on her computer and wanted to re-install it back to xp, so i did a fresh install, i could not connect to the internet via ethernet, isp said my network card might be faulty, but i connected via USB, and finished off what i had to do, she took her pc home, and now cannot connect either USB or Ethernet, there is nothing under network adapters, her isp sent her out a new modem as she was using the xtra d-link and now shes is with vodafone. do i have download the drivers or is it a hardware problem, not sure where to start.

drcspy, Aug 20, 4:37am
If the pc had come pre-installed with vista theres a very good chance that drivers are NOT available for some of the hardware. That will probably be your problem. Have you checked device manager to see what's got problems ?

jade1122, Aug 20, 4:46am
Ithad come pre-installed with windows xp home, the only yellow markers in device manager where drivers for audio and video, and pci which i am not sure about. but there is nothing under network adapters at all

drcspy, Aug 20, 4:49am
So it had xp home then someone put vista on it then it went back to xp ?....the listing for pci could be your network need to run something like this: UnknownDeviceIdentifier.exe

jade1122, Aug 20, 4:56am
Yes what happen was she lost her xp cd and product key, And could not buy another one, she had to buy vista, she keep having major problems with vista, and then she found her xp cd and key, so i ask in here if i could just re-install xp and they said i could, so thats what i ended up doing. i will run the programm you mentioned and she what that comes up with

spyware, Aug 20, 5:27am
Apart from installing XP you have to install drivers for anything that XP can't detect and install automatically. Device Manager is the place to look for incorrectly installed hardware.

jade1122, Aug 20, 9:22pm
Do i need to have her pc on the internet to run unknown device identifier?

soodanim, Aug 20, 9:27pm
Is it a "branded" computer or custom built?

jade1122, Aug 21, 12:43am
Branded she brought it form the shop i think, when she had xp before all this trouble with vista i did a fresh install from her disk and never had any trouble with connecting to the internet after it

pcgeek, Aug 21, 12:49am
Did her computer come with driver disks? ie software for all the hardware installed. Sounds like the motherboard drivers are required. If not go to the brand website, navigate around for drivers that match the computer and download the drivers from online.

jade1122, Aug 21, 1:43am
I went and got her pc from her house, i tried to connect via usb on her connection, there was a yellow error mark in the device manager under usb device, i brought it to my house and connected it up to my internet connection via my modem and the usb device installed automactally, so i am now connect via usb, and this also installed itself under the network adapter in the device manager, askey adsl router usb remote NDIS device, starting to get really confused on what to do. i dont want to take it back to house and have the same problem that it wont connect

jade1122, Aug 21, 1:47am
I also installed unknowndeviceidentifer.exe but but i am not to sure how to understand everything it has come up with, under the device manager the errors are under OTHER DEVICES, - other pci bridge device, sm bus controller, unknown device

drcspy, Aug 21, 1:56am
Sigh you thought you were smart enuf to reinstall windows but theres obviously a considerable gap in your should have had the necessary drivers ready for her system BEFORE you even'll need to use that unknowndevice thingy to identify what her motherboard is and the periphals such as any pci devices or agp or pci-e then you'll need to download and install the drivers for them.....that's what you need to do.. if you cant handle it then it's gonna have to go to a tech...

jade1122, Aug 21, 6:29am
Ok so i stuffed up.. lets hope drcspy having dinner at the moment, i cant find these drivers i need to get it connected via ethernet, can someone else help please. have had alook on asus website and google feel like i am going around in circles.

got2bin2win, Aug 21, 6:58am
Is it & ASUS pc or mother board? if so what model.

jade1122, Aug 21, 7:11am
Belarc advisor says Asustek computer INC m2n mxse revx xx. But under system model it cannot idenfy the system model

got2bin2win, Aug 21, 7:15am
This is the one you want Just pick your os down load & install

got2bin2win, Aug 21, 7:26am
Sorry from the drop down select motherboard, then socket AM2/AM2+ then model M2N-MX SE then down load the chipset one & install it or you can do a scan on there site and it will find the needed driver.

jade1122, Aug 21, 8:04am
Thanks all done

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