USB001 printer port missing

yovas, Aug 21, 9:14am
USB001 printer port missing -- I am trying to install a HPC7280 printer. For some reason my USB001 printer port has disappeared.

Does anyone know if and how I can reinstall it or find it?


kiwis, Aug 21, 9:20am
Have you tried re-installing the software? Remove old software programme first and if that fails go back to a restore point when it was working.....

yovas, Aug 21, 9:22am
I'm a novice at this .. where do I reinstall from - Microsoft Office disk?

kiwis, Aug 21, 9:23am
Did your HP printer come with a disc

yovas, Aug 21, 9:25am
Yes it did but I have had major problems in trying to install the printer. I cannot get it to print from the computer. There seems to be a problem where the computer or printer does not recognise the USB "device" when I plug it in.

kiwis, Aug 21, 9:29am
Go to Control Panel then click on Printers/Faxes icon and open that up. Then right click your HP Printer and set as Default Printer, see if that works.

olack, Aug 21, 9:30am
You may need to connect the printer to the PC...then install the printer software. If you do not have the printer software on a CD then you will be able to download an install it from the computer manufacturer's website...looking at HPC7280 printer is telling me the printer is a Hewlett Packard printer model number.

olack, Aug 21, 9:31am
Just do what kiwis tells you, I may confuse you ...

kiwis, Aug 21, 9:35am
Lol olack my advice would probably confuse the best of us!

yovas, Aug 21, 9:47am
Thank you for your advice. I have tried both ways and no luck! I get part way through the installation and then when I am prompted to connect the usb and power, nothing happens.

yovas, Aug 21, 9:47am
I have tried to do a system restore and I am now getting a message that it cannot restore to the point where I requested. Any other hints??

olack, Aug 21, 10:49am
You may need to update the USB devices in theDevice Manager. Open Device Manager and look in the Universal Serail Bus Devices, that will be near the bottom of the list, look for Enhanced USB devie in there, Enhanced is the indicatin the USB2.0 driver is installed. If it is not listed update, use the auto update let it connect to Windows Update, there are never USB update problems using Windows Updte, let them all update...(basically, all, because I have never worked out exactly which it is that needs to be updated to have the Enhanced driver load)...but that is what I do when there is no USB device. Have you tried all the USB slots in the PC?

olack, Aug 21, 10:54am
Use the Driver the USB Devices, Device Manager. The Enhanced driver should be one of the first few drivers listed in the USB Devices list. Update those few drivers if there is no Enhanced Driver listed. Then connect the printer, presumeably the driver is installed already. Make sure the printer is powered on.

olack, Aug 21, 10:56am
Oh, I missed an important step...the computer after the printer is connected and powered on so WIndows will know the printer is connected.

olack, Aug 21, 11:45am
Lol, that is supposed to be...restart the computer after you connect the printer and have powered on the printer so Windows sees the printer and loads the Windows driver for it, then install the printer driver. Make sure you update the USB devices until the Enhanced(USB2.0) USB driver shows up in the Device Manager.

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