Adobe or Coreldraw

pvilz, Aug 22, 4:30am
Adobe or Coreldraw which do you recommend? Im kind of leaning towards Corel, only coz its cheaper .. I havent bought it yet tho...

pcmaster, Aug 22, 4:34am
Adobe products tend to be bloatware so avoid them like the plague.

barmanmyk, Aug 22, 4:41am
Bloatware? pfft - whatever. To answer the question, Adobe products are geared more towarsds the advanced/professional market. This isn't to say that no-one else can use them, more that to get your money's worth from them you need to devote a lot of time to learning the techniques. Corel products are, in my experience, more 'user friendly' for folks with less experience, and are cheaper as well. They will do pretty much the same - Adobe arguably a little better in some aspects, but nothing 95% of users would notice.

selfdestructive, Aug 22, 5:26am
..........I use adobe alot for my webdesign, right through to video encoding, recording my bands demo's and editing other things. Ive used coreldraw in the past but I prefer adobe because its pretty reliable. If you do decide to use adobe cs3 products might pay to have a fairly decent abount of ram because adobe cs3 can be pretty hungry. Its not necessarily bloatware. Its just more inline with up to date PC's/mac's

stranded, Aug 22, 5:57am
More people seem to use Adobe SuiteIt may be easier to get a job with Adobe under your belt. I've used both, and to be honest both have their nice sides :) I would go with Adobe cos' its more powerful and all their packages work well together.

barmanmyk, Aug 22, 5:59am
I should add - I have both and use Adobe 99.9% of the time - it depends what ou're wanting to do and what your skill level is.

pvilz, Aug 22, 6:02am
I only want to use it to be able to turn images into vector images. So im leaning more towards Corel then, just nice and simple. To those that have used Corel is it spot on with powertracing?

barmanmyk, Aug 22, 6:04am
That's one of the only features I use. ..

pvilz, Aug 22, 6:19am
Thanks barmanmyk :) .

r.g.nixon, Aug 22, 6:32am free conversions - I expect there is a file size limit.

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