Remote to XP Home SP3 from Vista Business?

themunt, Aug 23, 10:55am
Remote to XP Home SP3 from Vista Business? Hello team. I cant remote to "Toshiba" running XP Home SP3 from either of my Vista Machines. I can remote to the Vista machines from "Toshiba" however. When I try to connect it says "This computer cant connect to the remote computer". Any help appreciated! Im using Run - mstsc.

pyro_sniper2002, Aug 23, 11:18am
Have you tried disableling the firewall on the tosh?

themunt, Aug 23, 11:38am
Yeah makes no difference ...

dunedin_ree, Aug 23, 11:43am
Have you enabled remote access? Where is the other machine - same network?

themunt, Aug 23, 12:02pm
Yes if I go to properties on my computer and select the remote tab, then I have allowed remote assistance there. Is that the same thing?

dunedin_ree, Aug 23, 12:04pm
No, it's not.

themunt, Aug 23, 12:08pm
Looks like you need XP Pro thats the issue, thought it might be the case.

pcfix4u, Aug 23, 10:03pm
Have you applied this Patch Patch XP for a Vista network.

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