wats wrong with my printer

antsbabe, Aug 24, 4:31am
Wats wrong with my printer my printer was going fine but now the green power and the red light flash continuously and isn't working now. Any ideas?

dunedin_ree, Aug 24, 4:34am
Look in your manual for an explanation of what that particular error code means. If you don't have the manual, find out the make and model and Google for some instructions. Assuming you've tried the simple things like restarting it, checking for paper jams, checking the ink, and making sure all the various parts are clicked in/closed properly.

robocop3, Aug 24, 9:11am
Sounds as if the ink levels are low or one is empty. this happend to my brother 110c printer, put new in it and its back to new again . hope this will give some clues.

deodar, Aug 24, 9:21am
It could be terminally stuffed. By printing objectionable material.

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