Notified I have used almost 1GB in 12 days!!!

Notified I have used almost 1GB in 12 days!!! Have recently changed from Xtra to TelstraClear and finally got the wireless modem/router going. Received the above message even though I had two computers running with Xtra previously through ADSL without going anywhere near that mark. What am I doing wrong?

geek_fairness, Aug 24, 8:35 pm

Not securing ya wireless connection by the sound of things, you may be sharing it with the neighbor hood.

geek_got2bin2win, Aug 24, 8:37 pm

1GB in 12 days is quite light usage. Are you sure this is more than you were using on Xtra?

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 24, 8:39 pm

Definitely...don't download movies or anything like that...

geek_fairness, Aug 24, 8:55 pm

got2bin2win How do you secure it?

geek_fairness, Aug 24, 8:57 pm

Alas read the manual You have to log into router again, go to wireless settings then security, then enable either wep or wap/wap2 and create a pass word key that all computers will also require to connect via your wireless connection, once you've set that up next time you try to connect via wireless it will tell you a network key is required, enter that twice in the required field on the pc/laptop and it should always connect automatically to your connection when in range.

geek_got2bin2win, Aug 24, 9:11 pm

No manual came with the router...sux :( I purchased it through TelstraClear. They told me to phone Dynalink who told me to connect through their website (which I did) Will follow your advice, thanks :)

geek_fairness, Aug 24, 9:18 pm

You can read it online at dynalink or download it as i did to have a look a few nights back when you posted for help.

geek_got2bin2win, Aug 24, 9:21 pm

Thanks got2bin2winI remember seeing a security setting there and wasn't sure what to do at the time. You're awesome!!! Thanks so much for your help :)

geek_fairness, Aug 24, 9:46 pm

No problem easy once ya done one or two, complicated for most first time around.

geek_got2bin2win, Aug 24, 9:50 pm

Could also be Updates if you're set to automatically download updates whilst connect to the net. Just a thought.

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 24, 10:18 pm

Oh by the way - 1GB in 12 days? beginner !

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 24, 10:24 pm

Barmanmyk no offense bro, but you're a beginner yourself :D lol here is the proper usage of broadband :):

geek_ch40s4eva, Aug 24, 10:31 pm

Lol You sure? 26GB in one day beats what you show there - 17GB maybe 18GB max!

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 24, 10:33 pm

Thanks barmanmyk :) Wow! Pleased to know I'm not the only one...

geek_fairness, Aug 24, 10:33 pm

some nice usage there, plenty of seeds aye ;)

geek_0800xford, Aug 24, 10:34 pm

Me? noooooooo. ;) emails. lots and lots of emails. Honest! (Damn I love Looney Tunes! lol)

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 24, 10:35 pm

I find it a lot easier to allow by mac address only, and disallow anything else. Saves messing around with passwords etc

geek_illusion_, Aug 24, 10:36 pm

holy crap, i thought i downloaded a lot, around 5-6gb/day, seesh 26gb?!
what do you download? you must be getting something like 3 seasons of tv shows a day, or around 35 movies at 700mb each. though what exactly do you download?

geek_tylosand, Aug 24, 10:43 pm

This is a copy of my usage

geek_fairness, Aug 24, 10:45 pm

Traffic = download + upload.

geek_dunedin_ree, Aug 24, 10:46 pm

21040MB down 5270MB up

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 24, 10:49 pm

Barmanmyk oh my bad, your username was covering the usage thingy. i only saw 2455mbs :)))))

geek_ch40s4eva, Aug 24, 11:02 pm

Wat program do u use to get info?

geek_kiwidanjr, Aug 24, 11:20 pm

If you 're with telstra clear than you can get the info by logging in to their website under Internet Usage Meter :)

geek_ch40s4eva, Aug 24, 11:24 pm

Lol. I can use 12GB in 1 day.

geek_manaphy, Aug 25, 10:06 pm

18. MAC addresses are easily emulated. You'd be best to use WPA or WPA2 and a super strong password. 2 minutes and you're done. What's hard about that?

geek_badcam, Aug 25, 10:12 pm

1GB in 12 days is nothing. That they still offer 1GB plan is a scam, a joke, dont be a newbie and fall for fancy TV ads, 1GB is nothing.

geek_mone, Aug 25, 10:13 pm

I agree Wap2 with MAC filtering probably the strongest security but MAC addresses are easily cloned.

geek_got2bin2win, Aug 25, 10:17 pm

It's WPA, n00bs.

geek_tweedle2, Aug 25, 11:50 pm

Thats what i meant dam dyslexic keyboard.

geek_got2bin2win, Aug 25, 11:54 pm