Mozilla Thunderbird Question Please

quickenden1, Aug 25, 12:50am
Mozilla Thunderbird Question Please Hello, I have just downloaded Thunderbird and have found that if there is no incoming mail when it checks a box comes up saying "connection to server has timed out" if there is mail it comes through no problems? Very annoying as I have to keep ticking ok on the warning box everytime it checks for new mail! What is wrong? Thanks so much if you can help!

lythande1, Aug 25, 2:28am
SLow The connection is slow. Why? Are you dial up or broadband? Have you scanned for anti-malware?

0800xford, Aug 25, 2:57am
check out this tutorial - also your isps website will [probably] tell you what your pop3, imap and smtp info. failing that phone your isp.

0800xford, Aug 25, 2:58am
~ pop3, imap and smtp info *IS*

quickenden1, Aug 25, 4:19am
on broadband have increased the timeout time allowance and its still doing it, number 3&4 that all seems correct as emails are coming and going as they should just the box keeps popping up even while emails are coming through??

0800xford, Aug 25, 9:14am
how about your default mail client [outlook express?] does that do any weird stuff too? just trash the thing and reinstall it, could just be a bung install.

quickenden1, Aug 26, 12:28am
Thanks 0800xford for the help, was using microsoft outlook but yesterday it came up with an error box saying it had currupt files and to repair to xyz but the repair tool it told me to look for is nowhere to be found so I decided to use thunderbird as had heard good things about it. Re-installed it 3 times yesterday and it was stil timing out which is why I came here in desperation LOl

0800xford, Aug 26, 2:09am

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