Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus Went to block a add on TM, clicked the wrong thing & have blocked all photos on auctions as well. Anyone know how to undo it...please

geek_tweety20, Aug 25, 7:43 pm

Click on the down arrow on the right of the icon look in preferences

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 25, 7:55 pm

Goto Tools/Adblock Plus: Scroll down the filter rules and look for the trademe entries; you can use the menu edit/find. it's probably easiest to just delete all the TM filters and then re-block them, but you might spot the one that shouldn't be there. Good luck.

geek_badcam, Aug 25, 10:24 pm

I did that onceand then couldn't find the filter! After much consternation I found out the browser itself can block images, not just adblock. So if you can't find it in adblock's filters, check browser settings.

geek_julieandcasper, Aug 26, 7:33 am

Did what suggested took a while but got there. All sweet now.Thanks.

geek_tweety20, Aug 26, 4:11 pm

Great. Did you type "trademe" in the search bar? Or, did you do it manually?

geek_badcam, Aug 26, 4:55 pm