majinbuu1023, Aug 25, 8:33am
ADSL????????? I'm losing packets through my ADSL connection and I've tried heaps and I was wondering if I need to replace my router.

majinbuu1023, Aug 25, 8:36am
Because my ISP said I need to replace the router

badcam, Aug 25, 8:44am
Have you cleaned the filter in your Router? Sometimes a shake can also loosen a blockage so that the packets start to flow again.

badcam, Aug 25, 8:48am
What have you tried? Who are you with? What distance do you think you are from the exchange? What OS do you have? What browser do you use? What is the Brand and Model of your Router?

majinbuu1023, Aug 25, 9:37am
Hey badcam I've tried port fowarding, enabling it with my firewall etc, (btw the issue is, my internet goes at slower than dial up speeds yet

spyware, Aug 25, 9:51am
Please post attenuations, noise margins and sync rates. What distance from exchange?

ruki1, Aug 25, 9:55am
Sometimes the trouble can be caused by a noisy phone line
especialy after storm or lots of rain. My broadband dropped to dial up speed. I was a corroded joint just out side the house

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