imac 17" Intel white one wont boot

ac_nz, Aug 25, 1:30pm
Imac 17" Intel white one wont boot Google tells me its swollen capacitors-sounds terminal to me. Its a model that suffered the vertical lcd lines syndrome. So does anyone know what size HD these have in them?2.5' or 3'5"? Im hoping I can crack the case and drop my HD into an external enclosure. Anyone know if this will work? Theres a few $20 HD enclosures on Tme. Cheers

gibler, Aug 25, 8:45pm
I believe they are 3.5 inch should be SATA (some IDE ones in education models). Check with the Apple System Profiler or take a look with the case off. Try: and look at

osymandias, Aug 26, 8:12am
So you took the case off and found damaged capacitors?

dunedin_ree, Aug 26, 8:14am
Not sure if this will work esp if it IS buggered capacitors, but have you tried hooking it up to another Mac and booting in target disk mode?

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