Microsoft Access is Rubbish!

Microsoft Access is Rubbish! Has anyone had experience with this disgraceful, disgusting piece of trash or been forced to use it? It might be good for some things but try writing SQL queries for it and it falls flat on it's face!

geek_darth_man, Aug 26, 11:43 pm

I like it never had a problem with it in fact have it open now

geek_hellfx, Aug 27, 12:15 am

What's that saying? Something about a poor workman blaming his tools? Never had a problem that wasn't my fault.

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 27, 12:20 am

I typically use postgres but even still I would've expected I could use my COALESCEs and CASEs.

geek_darth_man, Aug 27, 2:07 am

Agreed access and excel are the butthole of microsoft office

geek_woogmo, Aug 27, 6:53 am

If you are talking about access 08 then i agree, but access 03 is great.

geek_morrisman1, Aug 27, 8:04 am

geek_pcgeek, Aug 27, 12:01 pm

Access is rubbish what an appalling statement next youll be complaining about all the security flaws in ms operating systems.

geek_brijo, Aug 27, 4:09 pm

Geez please dont start one about security flaws will be the longest thread

geek_icioufa, Aug 27, 4:12 pm

Access works well assuming you know how to use it properly

geek_pcmaster, Aug 27, 4:51 pm

Aaaahh the memories of relational database projects.sql queries etc bl**dy nightmares actually.

geek_brijo, Aug 27, 4:57 pm

I've only used pre 2003 Access. But, I used it for around 5 years with our accounts system (which was ancient), COGNOS business intelligence software, Crystal Reports and even Lotus Notes. I found it a truly excellent programme. Very versatile and able to integrate with so many programmes. SQL is always tricky. It's probably far better that it falls flat, than have it doing things you don't want it to do. Persevere is all I can suggest.

geek_badcam, Aug 27, 4:58 pm

Whats wrong with Access? I have been writing applications in ms access for over seven years. It's no large multi user database but small business it's fine. You can't write SQL Triggers like you can with TSQL but so what, they are not needed for a desktop db.
It is a long way from being "crap".
So what is your problem?

geek_bandd0, Aug 27, 5:27 pm

Use notepad for all sql related issues

geek_majinbuu1023, Aug 27, 5:48 pm

14. A simple but very good suggestion. Good ol' Notepad.

geek_badcam, Aug 27, 6:32 pm

Notepad is horrible - at least use a proper text editor with syntax highlighting. You can download SSMS Express for free from MS

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 27, 8:44 pm

4BTW I believe MS isnull syntax will work in place of coalesce - it can only take two arguments but you can nest it.

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 27, 8:45 pm

Having used both filemaker and access i can easily say that on an ease of use factor, filemaker is about 9/10 for databasing software, while access, i'd give 4.5/10.

geek_kickpac5, Aug 27, 9:34 pm

The access database engine is good but i heard the amount of records it can store is limited dont know if thats true or not, but i do think there are better alternatives now, openoffice is great

geek_nzoomed, Aug 27, 10:16 pm

Open Office is also pretty limited, and I wouldn't trust either for even medium amounts of data (i.e greater than 1GB). There a re plenty of robust, free RDMSs around, including Postgres, MySQL and even the Express version of MS SQL Server (free as in beer only)

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 27, 10:20 pm

MS Access Access is a horrible, horrible monster.
It's a CPU hog.
It doesn't scale.
It crashes often.
It's works poorly in a multi user environment.
It's only supported on Windows.
It's not secure.
It gets bloated with a small amount of data.
My personal choice is Oracle 11g.

geek_sneeky, Aug 29, 7:55 am

Last time i checked oracle spanned 3 cds. access fits on about half of one.

geek_pcmaster, Aug 29, 8:06 am

Oracla over Access!!!! You can't compare! Access tables have a size limit of 2g, I have only once seen a Adb tap out 2g, and then we just split the log table out and linked it back. You can run access on other platforms. It is easy to keep in a respectable size, yes it's not for Website backend or heavy multi user enviroments, but to say it can't compete with orical for a small office application is rubbish. It will compete on one very important point. Price.

geek_bandd0, Aug 29, 10:38 am

It'd still shit, though. Access is indeed a small end-user solution. But it's awkward and unwieldy to use. They could have made it better.

geek_cybertao, Aug 29, 10:43 am

Access Up size to SQL Server Access Up sizes very nicely to SQL Server, if it was built to be up-sized, but like any db, it it was hoged-poged put together. It will up-size like a dog. Access use to be CUP hungry when the work was running on PII 266cpu's. But now days? Come on. And most of the time its the braindead armature that codes in a fifty DLookup functions in a row that kills a CPU, that is no fault of Access. It's built for small business at a small business price and it dose it's job very well. Oracle, pfft.

geek_bandd0, Aug 29, 10:44 am

Whats Better? Staying in the context of small business database apps, what is better? I write web app's in Visual Studio of SQL Server backends. And to be honest Access can create reports and dataformating faster than I could ever with VS. I find that the biggest problem is that there are enough wizards to let you do so much then you have to learn how to program. At that point people get frustrated and start bagging the tool.

geek_bandd0, Aug 29, 10:48 am

Access is perfectly good and can produce exactly the same results with a slightly modified SQL statements. Saying access is crap because it doesn't do things the way X db does things is like saying notepad is crap because it can't embed images like word. Microsoft do produce an enterprise DB - MS SQL Server. It is now available with a reasonable feature set for free.

geek_d.laidlaw, Aug 29, 10:52 am

Come on, it could be better. It's database files keep growing with use. Then when it hits the magic 2Gb mark, starts corrupting. Regardless of what Access does have going for it, it's an unreliable turd.

geek_cybertao, Aug 29, 11:01 am

What blimin HOME USER Would ever get to a 2gb DATA file. Geee's dudes . .. .THINK .. . Thats a heck of a lot of data & if it's being used in a small business then at that stage it should have been updated to the relevent recent records & archived. .. . Theres NO REAL COMPARISON between an (approx) 300mb prg & a 3 cd prg or between 1 that HAS to be ordered at a hefty price or 1 that comes free or even as part of an o/s or a couple of hundred $$

geek_mrfxit, Aug 29, 12:26 pm

To all those that bag it Frick off . . . My v6 car beats the daylights out of your crap bicycle ANYDAY. It doesn't hemorrhage if you put more then 200kg on the carrier (boot), gets where it's going heaps faster & drier, doesn't crash on the slightest bit of wet paint on a corner.

geek_mrfxit, Aug 29, 12:32 pm

Simple If you don't like it .. .. .Don't use it . . . If MS products were so bad, then they would have died a long time ago & or been brought out by someone else.

geek_mrfxit, Aug 29, 12:34 pm

2gig Cap Agreed, if you have a data app that has close to 2gig of data you will have to start thinking about a upgrade to something bigger. All db's grow as we add data. But a db for keeping track of sports team memebers and their fee's an't going to get near 2gig for 40yrs! A geo-spacial datalogger snapping data every 2 seconds with geomitry data and GPS Coordanates, may fill up faster if you are surveying the north island roading networks, every other day. So you would use a SQL Server back end. But I could still use a Access Front End to write VBA code for analisation and reporting with.

geek_bandd0, Aug 29, 12:39 pm

DB over 2gb It's reasonably easy to get a db over 2gb. If you store images/video in the database columns then the db grows quickly.

As for price oracle is free to developers and the user license is less than a ms access license. It's a 400mb download from Oracle. So the I agree, Access is fine for a single user or small business that doesn't want to become a medium size business.

geek_sneeky, Aug 29, 1:27 pm

I don't hate Access I make the most of my money from fixing Access application and migrating companies off Access.
The main issue I see is:
An employee builds a db to help with their job.
Then everyone start using the db and become a key business process.
Then it fails.
Normally a short number or date problem.
The real problem is end users think they are developers.

geek_sneeky, Aug 29, 1:43 pm

Access is a Relational Database with a GUI that makes writing user friendly data accessible programs suitable for an office environment very easy and it does it very well. It's SQL is the same as any other, if you know how to write or use SQL, it also has the advantage of point and click style query writing. If you are knocking Access you are simply demonstrateS your inability to use it correctly.

geek_mwood, Aug 29, 2:14 pm

Trouble is Access supports standard SQL syntax even worse than MSSQL Server (which isn't too crash hot itself). BTW You can point an Access front end at an SQL Server back end - I think Access is best used in this way.

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 29, 6:35 pm

That last part was aimed at 26 :)

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 29, 6:35 pm

34At least Access apps are usually more understandable/maintainable than the usual Excel/VBA disasters I see with depressing regularity.

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 29, 6:43 pm

Access is "fit for purpose". The problem is people get upset when it can't do what other software costing $$$$ can do. Go figure. Use it within it's limitations and it's fine. Go beyond those limits then yes, it's the devil's monkey.

geek_smac, Aug 30, 9:45 am

Re 29 I wouldn't compare access to oracle, oracle has its own set of problems

geek_woogmo, Aug 30, 10:04 am

I completely agree, MS Access is an abomination.

In the future I will refuse to work with it. Everyone should save themselves from the pain and do the same.

geek_paul, May 12, 9:09 pm