Odd - Wireless adapter has vanished??!!

Odd - Wireless adapter has vanished??!! The Broadcom wireless adapter on one of our laptops has vanished. It was working fine when shut down last night, and on restart this afternoon it is gone. Nowhere to be seen. Tried reinstalling the drivers (HP Tablet TX1219au), which seemed to install OK (no errors), but still it doesn't show. No new software installed - just suddenly gone. Ideas?

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 27, 3:04 pm

Hardware failure corrupt registry?, does it show under device manager if not try removing card and reseating it, if it doesn't detect the hardware then, try it in another laptop if its detected it could be the mobo pci slot has died or a faulty switch perhaps that turns the wifi on.

geek_got2bin2win, Aug 27, 5:49 pm

Been through all of that haven't removed it as I don't want to void the warranty. HP affre licking it up tomorrow for a repair - google suggests it's a mobo prob.

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 27, 5:50 pm

Boot from a linux live disc to check You may not get all the tablet functionality, but you should be able to see if it's an OS prob or a hardware one.

geek_wogadopolous, Aug 27, 5:55 pm

Done a fair bit of research and used what little knowledge I have to no avail - suggested fixes here & elsewhere don't work; others with the same, or similar, symptoms have ended in a mobo replacement and as it's still under warranty it makes sense to get it serviced anyway.

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 27, 6:01 pm

Uninstall and reinstall the device driver. It works for me

geek_possum888, Aug 27, 6:13 pm

Possum there's nothing for it to uninstall as it is not detecting in the first place, and reinstall -whilst not generating any errors- did not help.

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 27, 6:34 pm

Once you've tried all software options, the only thing you can do is reseat the card. It's possible it's just loose.

geek_julieandcasper, Aug 27, 6:34 pm

The first and most obvious thing myk is that there is a switch enabling and disabling the adaptor, enabled the led is blue, disabled it is orange.I realise you have probably already checked this but its worth mentioning. The wireless adaptor is a minipci card, and as others have said the connector may have come loose.The minipci card is mounted next to the battery compartment & is held in place by screws.It is the cable connector from the daughterboard to the motherboard that you need to check to see if it is seated properly.

geek_madazu, Aug 27, 6:46 pm

Yeah, it's my girlfriend's laptop so first thing I did was check the switch lol! If it was mine, I'd have no qualms about reseating the card however as HP are repairing it I don't want to risk voiding any warranty. All the posts I found referring to this problem resulted in RMA on the board after much faffing around anyway, so I'm pretty comfortable with it as a known harware fault that HP are aware of, hence the quick RMA. Cheers for all the suggestions though.

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 27, 7:33 pm