printer not printing bottom of page border!

dunnall, Aug 28, 9:46am
Printer not printing bottom of page border! this is driving me nuts!!!!! I have tried changing the settings in options under borders and the page set up but it is still only printing half the border at the bottom. It is equal distance from the top and bottom of the page and is printing fine at the top. HELP!!!! please :-)

comp_repairs, Aug 28, 9:49am
Goto printer setings page size make sure its set 2 a4 page. if nead b change to gap at bot of pag so its fits more on page

skin1235, Aug 28, 6:32pm
Does it print another page with the missing piece on it, most computers set default size to the american letter size which is longer than ours, check print preview in your application and adjust the margins if you are set default A4, printers have to be able to grip the paper to print and there may not be enough page left below your desired print position to allow the gripping effect

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