havin problems wid acer laptop

jedi5, Aug 29, 12:19am
Havin problems wid acer laptop hey guys any one got any ideas.our mum new acer for sum reason not responing to any requests,wont even shut down ,its not the internet but keeps having bullguard on screen,any ideas.

kevin16, Aug 29, 12:26am
Pull all the power restart into safe mode and uninstall bullgaurd,.. see if it starts,..

soodanim, Aug 29, 12:28am
New - new or new to you new....new - new, take it back

jedi5, Aug 29, 12:32am
Brand new i get a feelig sumthing to do wid the bullguard,cause cant get it off screen

jedi5, Aug 29, 12:33am
Thanks kev will try

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