Windows Vista blue screen, crashes with QuickTime

nanske, Aug 29, 12:50am
Windows Vista blue screen, crashes with QuickTime I

nanske, Aug 29, 12:51am

mr-word, Aug 29, 2:43am
Quicktime Download a newer or older version
of quick time.
Also try Real Alternative.
Certain codecs or combination of
video and audio codecs can cause crashes. Try the Kazaa lite codec pack
or Vista codec pack. Problems
can be caused by Mpeg2 dvd decoders
such as cyberlink.

mr-word, Aug 29, 2:48am
Video codecs You have to narrow down the problem
to either buggy audio or video
codec. So you can download newer versions of the codecs.
Use a program called GSPOT
to find out what codecs the video was encoded with.

nanske, Aug 29, 3:36am
Thanks guys for you replies I

nanske, Aug 29, 3:44am
About 10 minutes ago It crashed when I tried to covert the 3gpp video in the DivX converter without even opening or playing it! My Vista only crashes with these file types, nothing else, other than that everything else runs fine. I

mr-word, Aug 29, 3:44am
Player Have you tried Video Lan Player
VLC Player? It even Plays FLV (youtube) files.

mr-word, Aug 29, 3:47am
It supports 3GP.

nanske, Aug 29, 4:01am
Hey thanks mr-word I

mr-word, Aug 29, 4:07am
Blue screen Yes put up a picture on photobucket
or imageshack. Yes it is a good
idea to install the divx stuff.

nanske, Aug 29, 4:16am
Oops I see that they have installed the VLC media player also! I

mr-word, Aug 29, 4:21am
OOPS Do you mean uninstall? not install.
It was a Typing error.

You will not need a divx converter because VLC player
supports the 3GP file format.
But you may need a good codec pack for vista.<br />kage.shtml

mr-word, Aug 29, 4:25am
Nanske IRQL Not Less Or Equal
I think your problems are caused
by a wrong motherboard driver or faulty Ram.

Do you know what model the Laptop Is?

nanske, Aug 29, 4:36am
Oh really : ( It

mr-word, Aug 29, 4:50am
Website They are right it is a software problem.
The Hewlett Packard Website has the correct motherboard drivers for your computer. Make sure you get the correct driver for your operating system.

nanske, Aug 29, 4:57am
Hey thanks for all your troubles mr-wood I

nanske, Aug 29, 10:52am
Hey mr-word if your still there! I checked out the hp website but which one of these drivers are the motherboard driver? Driver - Audio: Conexant High Definition Audio Driver. Driver -Chipset: NIVIDA nForce Chipset Driver. Driver- Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100 VGA Driver. Driver-Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices. Driver-Modem. Driver-Network. BIOS. Operating System-Enhancements and QFEs. I

mr-word, Aug 29, 10:58am
Driver I'd try the newer
nforce chipset driver.

nanske, Aug 29, 11:02am
Thanks will do! Might try it tomorrow though, its abit late and knowing me what I

nanske, Aug 30, 11:07am
Hey mr-word Thought I would fill you in with what I

nanske, Aug 30, 11:09am

mr-word, Aug 31, 2:13am
Videos Its great you solved your video
problem. I thought the vista codec
pack wasn't shareware? Kazaa Lite Codec Pack is still freeware. If you
downloaded a Divx 5/6 codec from that has been shareware for a while now. Maybe you could get an
XVID converter program for free
somewhere. Xvid is a superior open source mpeg 4 codec better than Divx.

nanske, Sep 1, 9:40am
Yeah your right mr-word it is free! I download that vista codec pack again just to check, and yeah I must

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