whats my incoming and outgoing server

stonee, Aug 30, 12:48pm
Whats my incoming and outgoing server for mail?

ch40s4eva, Aug 30, 12:58pm
Who's your provider? ....

ch40s4eva, Aug 30, 12:59pm
For xtra inc.ser: pop3.xtra.co.nz
out.ser: smtp.xtra.co.nz
inc. pop3.clear.net.nz
out. smtp.clear.net.nz

ch40s4eva, Aug 30, 1:00pm
For the others your best either phone your provider and find out OR try to figure it out yourself :) let's say for slingshot i'd try: pop3.slingshot.co.nz or pop3.slingshot.net.nz, same with smtp

ch40s4eva, Aug 30, 1:01pm
Best BET. :) missed the bugga.

stonee, Aug 30, 1:02pm
Thanx figured it out. thank god for google!
im totally new at this and feel soo proud that i got this one! :)
was pop as incoming and smtp as out going

ch40s4eva, Aug 30, 1:04pm
:)google is a usefull tool, i tell ya :) and yeah, pop3 - incoming. Smtp - outgoing. However if you use OUTLOOK as your email client, in settings it does specify INCOMING server POP3 and OUTGOING server SMTP :)

stonee, Aug 30, 1:17pm
Yea thanks ch40s4eva ive been gradually installing pclinuxos and its apps, and have been using this computing forum as help on my way. its great to know that if all else fails (even google!) i still got trademe's message board. :)

ch40s4eva, Aug 30, 1:22pm
."its great to know that if all else fails (even google!) i still got trademe's message board" - Amen. :D

stonee, Aug 30, 1:32pm
Hallelujah! lol .

comsolve, Aug 30, 2:09pm
Most ISPs can safely accept mail.isp.co.nz for incoming and outgoing.

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