Is it worth going ADSL2+? With 48 attentuation

pawlovers, Aug 30, 3:49pm
Is it worth going ADSL2+? With 48 attentuation I currently get 3100/128 speeds on normal adsl, but looking for new provider and considering vodafone ADSL2. I am in Howick area if that helps.

soodanim, Aug 30, 7:13pm
ADSL2 is only available on some exchanges, if you are using an ADSL2 compatible modem and that's all you are getting and it's enabled on your exchange then that's all you are going to get. Check with your currrent ISP if you are in fact getting ADSL2 anyway.

pawlovers, Aug 31, 5:31am
Well as I said I am on a FS/128 connection so won't be adsl2. And Yep, it is enabled - Howick

soodanim, Aug 31, 5:38am
And? as above. Check with your current ISP

pawlovers, Aug 31, 5:54am
I am not. You can't. Only on FS/FS. and no, they don't anyway.

soodanim, Aug 31, 5:59am
Who are you with?

pawlovers, Aug 31, 7:02am

hammerman1, Aug 31, 7:18am
Have just recently changed to ADSL2 in half Moon Bay (so presume it is the Howick exchange]. My attenuation is 42. Was getting 3100-3400/128 on ADSL, now 6500/786. I'm with Orcon which includes home phone and have had NO problems. I'm happy. Hope this helps.

pawlovers, Sep 1, 1:13pm
Sweet. Also found this on google earth - does this meen my cabinet is ADSL2+? as I will look into vodafone.

derekguy, Sep 1, 6:19pm
Sweet I never really got around to checking out what Line Attenuation etc really wasMy Sync Rate is 18537 / 745 (that is ADSL2+) Noise Margin is 12.2 db / 12.3 db (Grr kinda crap really, old phone lines...) and Line Attenuation is 11.0 db / 4.4 db (which is excellent) Take a look here for more info on Line Attenuation:

derekguy, Sep 1, 6:22pm
Hmm I don't notice any interference while I'm downloadingFlashget is getting 1600-2200KB/s from my FTP overseas. Seems good enough for me :D

shrapz, Sep 1, 8:05pm
I doubt you will see an improvement maybe even a speed decrease. ADSL2+ Is not determined by your plan, You can have adsl2+ on fs/fs. Unfortunatly xnet doesnt support adsl2+ as yet so you would need to change isp anyway. Doubt if its worth it with that high attentuation

derekguy, Sep 1, 8:32pm
"Unfortunatly xnet doesnt support adsl2+ as yet.." Au Contraire friend, everything is set to go on their end ADSL2+ wise. I am with Xnet.

pcgeek, Sep 1, 8:45pm

shrapz, Sep 1, 9:05pm
Derek guy are you on xnet fusion? Unless things have changed xnet doesnt support adsl2+ on their ADSL network. They do however for Naked DSL (Fusion)

squaretrippa, Sep 1, 10:50pm
.I work for Vodafone on the internet and home line side of things - yes you're in what you call the 'red network' so you will be getting those high speeds.

traceedwards, Sep 1, 11:28pm
Check this out<br />

derekguy, Sep 2, 5:35am
Ah that'll be whyI'm on Fusion. I can't believe ADSL2+ isn't supported on the ADSL network yetIs this a Telecom problem? I assume so because most ISPs resell Telecom's package but I thought it would all be done by nowMost of the exchanges are upgraded.

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