Telecom or Vodafone....

Telecom or VodafoneLandline and broadbrand. Which one in your opinions is the best to go with. We've always been with Telecom.

geek_baznmiss, Aug 31, 8:49 am

I have vodastarted with ihug for internet and eventually moved landline too. I'm happy with the BB speeds and never had a problem with service.

geek_nzmu, Aug 31, 8:57 am

Thats good.. Just that they're canvassing at the moment,(vodafone) so just wanted to see if there were any problems people were finding with them. I don't mind changing over as long as there isn't alot of grief.

geek_baznmiss, Aug 31, 9:15 am

Why not just test each of them to discuss your requirements? I would say you will go with Telecom as you will get sick and tired of waiting over 3 hours for service from vodafone. I found out the hard way which is better!!

geek_b.j.nichols, Aug 31, 9:15 am

Yip, if you want grief.go Voda

geek_b.j.nichols, Aug 31, 9:16 am

Vodafone of course! they have real people to talk over the phone for any queries, NOT annoying robot or indian!

geek_falcon-one, Aug 31, 9:17 am

Lol yes You get the robot first and then you get put another country.

geek_baznmiss, Aug 31, 9:30 am

.vodafone have set up a new customer service line specifially for people in the 'red network' so that means not even half of auckland has access to that number. at the beginning customer service was crap, but now you'll only get a 20s hold time. are you signing up through door to door??

geek_squaretrippa, Sep 2, 10:53 am

With vodafone here never wait more than a couple of minutes for service. From my experience reaching someone at Telecom took a lot longer, minimum 20 minutes

geek_woogmo, Sep 2, 11:24 am

I am with Ihug/vodaphoneNot happy & can't wait to the end of my contract & I am going back to Telecom/Xtra, had too many problems with phonecalls & ISP speed etc...

geek_mr_lovebug, Sep 2, 11:31 am

Vodafone .

geek_mone, Sep 2, 11:38 am