Acer laptop restore/Bios locked

Acer laptop restore/Bios locked Hiya. I have just purchased a new laptop & I need to restore (as in full factory restore) my old acer laptop. Problem is I can't set DVD drive to boot first (so the restore cd's boot first) because i'm locked out of the bios. I think a friend set a password on the bios years ago but he doesn't remember what it is! Is there any other was to get into the bios or to set dvd drive to boot first? Thanks :)

geek_matthewc17, Aug 31, 12:31 pm

What Model Acer Is It? &0;&0;&0;&0;&0;&0;&0;&0;&1;

geek_1clickaway, Aug 31, 3:03 pm

Can you not browse the dvd to find if you can start the process within windows? My Acer allows this...not sure if they are all the same

geek_soodanim, Aug 31, 3:30 pm

DUDe if ur locked out of Bios its a tricky one, I think you might have to clear the cmos memory, which should erase all memory including bios passwords, what model is it? as they have different methods of doing this :)

geek_vitaminh, Aug 31, 4:06 pm

Oh yeah is right from memory acers dont come with any os discs, they store all those details on ur hd, can you get into windows and try that?

geek_vitaminh, Aug 31, 4:09 pm

Ummm no that's not quite what I said. Acer does give a program to create Recovery Discs, which include the OS , Drivers etc tho yeah it should have a recovery partition which is the same thing...Try pressing F8 on startup and see if the recovery is on the menu

geek_soodanim, Aug 31, 4:12 pm

With my Acer even though it is set to boot from HDD first, I can boot from CD by pressing C or F11 when the splash screen/post appears when the laptop is turned on.

I hope you slapped your friend around for setting a bios password on your laptop.

If you are able to boot into windows, go to the laptop manufacturers website and download the latest (or the same) BIOS image and updater utility and use the included tool to replace/update it (very straightforward). The BIOS of newish laptops can be updated/reset while in windows. It should have an option to clear the CMOS.

As for doing it manually, you will be very lucky if there is a jumper or removeable battery on the mainboard. Most laptops dont have the reset jumper or a cmos battery to remove.. there is a capacitor soldered directly onto the board. Best to take it into a PC repair shop.

geek_omn, Aug 31, 4:16 pm

True omn you should have the option to press an F key to choose the boot order. Mine's "should" show at the bottom of the boot screen when it first starts....Good plan :)

geek_soodanim, Aug 31, 4:25 pm

Something else to try I haven't tried this method but it seems to be published in a few places

geek_omn, Aug 31, 4:36 pm

Thanks for all the help guys! Got it working earlier today by using the system cd that was supplied first, for some reason only that would run at startup and not the recovery discs. Thanks for the tip on cmos/bios, good to know that there is a way.

geek_matthewc17, Aug 31, 10:33 pm

that only applies to desktop computers

geek_shrapz, Aug 31, 10:44 pm

OK cheers, good to know.

geek_omn, Aug 31, 11:01 pm