No Sound on vista with backup board

selfdestructive, Aug 31, 2:02am
No Sound on vista with backup board Ok this is kinda a pain in the butt. But Im not getting any sound from my speakers. I recently replaced the motherboard (as it killed the VGA Controller) and Im using a back up with a lower level sound device. I have a midiland 4.1 setup and the onboard sound device has 6 channel support. Ive downloaded two versions of the updated sound drivers off the motherboards manufacturer site. No luck. I even asked my mate for the Motherboard disc (as he gave me the spare board) Im running an albatron K8NF4X-AM2 Board and the onboard sound chip is a realtek AC97 sound. Everything looks ok but Im not getting any sound at all. Advice Please. thanks

1clickaway, Aug 31, 2:49am
Have A Look Where the plugs are; On board; The plugs tend to be on the lower part of the back (if your pc is the lye down version; or far right if you have a 'tower') You might accidently plugged it into the sound card? (Check bios for settings; See if on board is active;)

barmanmyk, Aug 31, 2:51am
Have you enabled the onboard sound in BIOS? Is your audio controller setup correctly for 4.1? Plugs in the right sockects?

selfdestructive, Aug 31, 3:04am
............I checked when I rebooted my system and looked in the BIOS and everythings all active here. Im gonna flake it and buy a new sound card seems the onboard aint going. Mind you this is my back up board as my SLi Board decided to kill itself on wednesday while I was in the middle of playing crysis. Took me 3 days to figure out what went wrong but now I know how that happened I have to use a back up board with no sound.

1clickaway, Aug 31, 3:10am
Sometimes On the board is self; you need to plug in the 'extra' cable to the front plugs as well; :D

selfdestructive, Aug 31, 3:35am
............All the plugs are connected in the write places. It usually picks the sound up automatically when the drivers are installed on vista. But some reason they aint. Oh well I'll fork out for a new sound card that will work. I usually hate onboard sound as sometimes its usually first to cop out. and sometimes the quality aint that great with realtek chipsets

selfdestructive, Aug 31, 3:52am
.............with my 4.1 setup It plugs into the green line out port eliminating the use of the other tedious cabling with most 4.1 surround sound setups. Im gonna try the new sound card sometime nextweek and see how it goes. if it works kudos for me I remedied that problem. if It didnt Im gonna haul ass on my Motherboards RMA

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