Trying to install new printer

chance7, Aug 31, 4:00am
Trying to install new printer on friends computer...CD Rom not working (unsure why) therefore can't use CD to install drivers. Printer is a Brother dcp-150c. Tried downloading driver from Brother site, and managed to print a test page, but computer keeps trying to install hardware. Does anyone have a link for the right driver to stop this..pleeeaaasssse

0800xford, Aug 31, 4:29am
what os?

chance7, Aug 31, 4:33am

0800xford, Aug 31, 4:35am
did you download the drivers for xp?

chance7, Aug 31, 4:37am
Yes, it took ages and I have opened them but when I manually try and install the printer it can't seem to find them

0800xford, Aug 31, 4:38am
try here - [] there is a driver UNinstall utility too. ccleaner could be worth a look as well [for thoroughly cleaning excess junk]

olack, Aug 31, 6:57am
Connect the printer...reboot, then install the.. ..drivers. Windows should see the printer once the computer is restarted then install the drivers. Leave the printer switched on once you have connected it to the PC.

olack, Aug 31, 7:10am
Thee is an invisible comma after restarted..

mrfxit, Aug 31, 8:08am
Is this a USB connected printer (sorry not checked model) because it is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow the correct install precedure. Normally this is "install the drivers" THEN connect the printer & turn it on.

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