PC manufacturers seek shelter from Vista's drizzle

mrfxit, Aug 31, 8:16pm
PC manufacturers seek shelter from Vista's drizzle http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10026884-16.html

barmanmyk, Aug 31, 11:21pm
Ohhhh Noooooooooooooooooo! I can hear all the Vi$ta fanboys dusting off their defence - "but it's soo pretty!" despite the fact that a huge percentage of users HATE it like nothing before. Nice post mrfxit!

evoeater, Aug 31, 11:54pm
Usual anti-vista dribble from cnet Gotta keep the revenue coming I suppose

peepme, Aug 31, 11:59pm
ReMr Microshit delivers announment "we will pay YOU to use Vista".

drcspy, Sep 1, 12:12am
Well having used vista home premium for a month now everyday on my new lappy I cant say I hate it in anyway at all it's not that much different to USE from xp really.......

mrfxit, Sep 1, 12:15am
& on the same note (just for the heck of it) http://tinyurl.com/6kaq2u

mrfxit, Sep 1, 12:16am
Good to hear Perry Seems you are in the 65% of ppl that either have a good run or are simply putting up with it.

mrfxit, Sep 1, 12:18am
& just to twist the knife a little more From google .. .. .http://tinyurl.com/5lwqy9

mrfxit, Sep 1, 12:23am
10 reasons not to get Vista http://apcmag.com/10_reasons_not_to_get_vista.htm . . . 10 reasons to get Vista .. http://apcmag.com/10_reasons_you_should_get_vista.htm

mrfxit, Sep 1, 12:23am
LMAO Heaps of links both ways

barmanmyk, Sep 1, 12:28am
- true. I mean, what would reviewers from cNet, Arstechica, Digg, Softpedia, and Neowin know? And I strongly suspect that, if not for certain editorial constraints caused by advertising and sponsorship contracts, PCWorld, Computerworld and a bunch of magazines would join that list. Gotta love M$ spin doctors though "We're aware that a certain number of customers would benefit from continued availability of XP" when asked why they're carrying it past the annaounced June 2008 expiry for XP. That, my friend, is Micro$oft-speak for "We admit - Vi$ta is WindowsME for a new generation".

swivel, Sep 1, 12:45am
Well if my 5 year old Laptop can run it. It has to be a PEBCAK error. Vista is A OK.

evoeater, Sep 1, 12:45am
Or how about http://www.tweakguides.com/VA_1.html

barmanmyk, Sep 1, 1:25am
Horses for courses at the end of the day; 99% of my computing is done via wireless. Vi$ta cannot process these file transfers as effectively as XP, period; this has been proven in both wired and wireless settings; 1.9MB/s Vi$ta, 17MB/s XP. If you just need it to suft the net and email, then I'm sure Vi$ta is fine. If you want to do any serious work with large files, XP is still the best option.

evoeater, Sep 1, 1:33am
Pre SP1? Because file transfers WAS a known issue with Vista and was since resolved

barmanmyk, Sep 1, 2:26am
Nah, post SP1. If it wasn't for that and the random lockups (which I suspect are related to Vista's indexing accessing a file while I'm using it), Vi$ta would be my preference, but those alone render it troublesome/annoying enough to make it my surfing OS only. Any work I do, I save to C:\Output (as accessing the D drive causes transfer speed issues too), then go to the XP machine and copy from that shared folder to the NAS drive; this then uses XP's transfer process not Vi$ta's.

boarder28, Sep 1, 2:30am
I like vista and have never had a problem with it.

pcmaster, Sep 1, 3:14am
I simply deal with it when and if I have to I wont be adding it to any pc of mine until I'm more or less forced to. it simply lacks things I still require use of. (ie ancient networking protocols) until I can be bothered to change my setup to accommodate it.

nzoomed, Sep 1, 3:18am
This reminds me of the windows 3.11 days! LOL who remembers compaq introducing Tabworks instead of program mamager! lol i have seen alternatives to explorer.exe but thats on XP and i cant beleive M$ wants 3rd party programs to replace the interface anyway! can you imagine how many issues that would cause?

0800xford, Sep 1, 3:22am
mmm Windows dressing!

pcmaster, Sep 1, 3:24am
Ahh windows 3.11 program manager such a simple interface. dunno why microsoft didn't keep it.

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