Printing from Microsoft Word

tuppence11, Mar 17, 9:09am
Printing from Microsoft Word When I go to print from Microsoft Word it won't print.
I press Ctrl P and it comes up but each time the Status shows ANOTHER DOCUMENT WAITING How do I clear them.

pdh, Mar 17, 9:25am
Try Control Panel - Printers and Faxes - then double click the printer and see if anything is in the queue and delete if there is.

kiwigal3, Mar 17, 9:29am
I'm no expert but.... try going to your control panel, under Hardware you need to double click on printer which should bring up your printer. Double click on that and it should bring up your print queue. Right click on the job and select delete. Hope this helps.

tuppence11, Mar 17, 10:10am
Printing from Microsoft Word Thanks guys - have cleared all the backlog in the queue but it still won't print. On the printer it says - one cartridge near empty - have replaced it but message still reads the same- could this be the problem

bookstacks, Mar 17, 7:51pm
Hmmmm ... ... mmmm

kevin16, Mar 17, 7:57pm
We'd only be guessing you haven't told us which OS or printer, whether its set as default, or even if you can print a test page,...

tigra, Mar 17, 8:24pm
I have found that sometimes after you have cleared the printers print backlog you need to restart the computer.

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