Access I am having a problem with Access, hope someone can help. I have my database made up and in Table View how can I delete or add a new Record?

geek_elaine14, Sep 2, 2:46 pm

What version of Access and are you in design view or what?

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 2:50 pm

Have A Mouse Over Here ; :D

geek_1clickaway, Sep 2, 2:53 pm

I am using Access for Uni so am chugging through it myself.

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 2:57 pm

Table View Access 2003 and in Table View

geek_elaine14, Sep 2, 2:57 pm

The thing is that there is no Table View. There is Design View. Are you in the main section perhaps where it says Tables, Queries, Forms etc down the left side?

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 3:04 pm

Do it in design view. Open your table and then click design - click the view vutton beneath your file menu. Access will automatically assign an autonumber to each record (press tab to get to th e first name field)

geek_johnlyn, Sep 2, 3:08 pm

Ops! vutton = button

geek_johnlyn, Sep 2, 3:10 pm

Access wont auto assign an number. This needs to be setup in Tables in Design view

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 3:15 pm

Thats why I said "Open your table and then click design"

geek_johnlyn, Sep 2, 3:17 pm

But you did not say, assign the primary key or anything to auto number

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 3:22 pm

????? It is a table and Iam trying to add or delete a record in the middle of the table but still keep the ID numbers running in sqeuence 1,2,3,4 etc

geek_elaine14, Sep 2, 4:13 pm

12Why? You shouldn't use an identity (or whatever the Access equivalent is) column for anything visible to a user, and any internal app use should be able to handle gaps in the series.

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 2, 7:49 pm