Access 2003 Question

Access 2003 Question Ok. I have made a form and have it all connected up. By his i mean the form is connected to Customer and each text box and combo box is linked to its appropriate bit. My problem is that in the header I have a Find Customer box, which finds all my customers no problem but when i click on one eg 25 it will not bring up his details in the detail section of the form. And I am wondering if anyone knows why this could be happening when I have a similar version that works perfectly but I cannot see any differences (Cannot use the other one though)

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 4:47 pm

A Picture of what I mean

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 5:37 pm

No one good at Access here I am guessing

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 8:09 pm

No access here sorry when I did access at uni we did a whole lot of VBA, I cringe whenever I remember it

geek_woogmo, Sep 2, 8:15 pm

Yea, I am doing it for Uni also and find it relatively easy and getting good marks just stuck here lol

geek_wholesaler, Sep 2, 8:28 pm