All in one printer that's good at photocopying

jojo76, Sep 4, 1:37am
All in one printer that's good at photocopying I currently have an Hp 1410, great printer, apart from the fact it's crap at photocopying. Anyone got a recommendation of a good home all in one?

jojo76, Sep 4, 2:25am
Bump ....

marlin9, Sep 4, 2:26am
Mine is HP (not sure moidel #)and it is great.

0800xford, Sep 4, 2:41am
we had a couple of brother MFC465CN at work which we thrashed for months with no faults, ymmv of course. []

a.m.a.c, Sep 4, 9:17am
Epson CX5500 Got one today, was rather cheap at Norman Ross, seems ok and ink is cheap as to buy for it I was told.

toops_man, Sep 4, 9:22am
Printer photo copier, Have only used epson printers and photo copiers for dollar value by far the best on the market.

scorp11, Sep 4, 9:36am
HP printer,copier,scanner $79.00
only thing its from dick smith
and the model is F2180 if you want to go looking for it :)

pcmaster, Sep 4, 10:20am
I merely use an old A4 flatbed scanner sending output straight to an inkjet printer.

dino7, Sep 4, 11:02am
Re8 old school;) ..don't need the pc on - all in one scans copys prints - try and try up:)

dino7, Sep 4, 11:04am
Try and catch up[ even .catch up to me drinking Heinekens :P

pcmaster, Sep 5, 12:02pm
My parents have one of those types of printers and they need to have their pc on in order to photocopy....? figure that out.

jojo76, Sep 6, 2:43am
Most of the modern scanner/ copier/printers don't need to have the pc on. Im deciding between 2 now a canon mx300 or a brother mfc 260c, both have fax also which could be handy, both appparently however eat I do like HP, so might go back and see if they have one similar to the above I mentioned.

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