Avoid pirate printer cartridges

psc01, Sep 3, 9:59am
Avoid pirate printer cartridges They will mess your printer up. The software does not recognise them properly and you will have printing problems. Get the genuine article.

flewy, Sep 3, 10:00am
BOLLOCKS have used (pirate)LOL um NON AFFLIATED inks all the time.

dunedin_ree, Sep 3, 10:01am
Arrrrrrr! Thar be monstars!

vtecintegra, Sep 3, 10:04am
More like avoid brands of printers that on't work with third party cartridges

_whatever, Sep 3, 10:12am
LOL @ Non Affiliated and Pirate more like non OEM or third party. Anyway, I have no problems with them with a brother. What brand of printer are you talking about OP?

theonomy, Sep 3, 10:19am
LOL The software doesn't recognise the ink? Surely that can't mean what it sounds like....

flewy, Sep 3, 10:27am

psc01, Sep 3, 10:30am
It's true. The software does not recognise the little chipset on each cartridge. Never had this problem with OEM cartridges. BTW: its an Epson. It's now off to the tip. I went out yesterday and got a new multifunction Brother. Very cool !!!!

flewy, Sep 3, 10:34am
Myepson loved third party ink just had to click a box saying I knew it was not compatable with the warranty(sp) LOL

lostdude, Sep 3, 10:39am
Ibought a HP Deskjet F4200 last month because they had a cashback promotion. Luckily my bro works for Ingram Micro so I got it for $40 & HP refunded $20 so effectively, I only purchased it for $20 lol. Now going to wait until the ink runs out and gonna sell it for $1 reserve lmao.

prickles1, Sep 3, 10:43am
1all epson printers here , all work with any cartridge put in them . ( epson or or other 3rd party ) same as the HP befor them

dannyboy535i, Sep 3, 11:12pm
Carts Been using third party Ink in all My Pixma 4200,s and 5000,s for three years,Me thinks someone is Scaremongering!!!

0800xford, Sep 4, 2:21am
squeeze you own ink - http://www.spc.int/Coastfish/Countries/Tokelau/octopus.jpg

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