Old Win95 PC looks like safe mode no mouse

catsmeat1, Sep 2, 11:00pm
Old Win95 PC looks like safe mode no mouse Hi I'm visiting friends, they have an old Windows 95 PC. When turned on the desktop background has poor resolution (looks like safe mode quality), but no message and icons look good, and mouse does not work. I realise it's not worth frigging about with, will look at a second hand PC for them, but just intrigued. When they phoned me and told me about it I presumed the mouse was knackered, but now wonder if there could be another reason. How to start up in the real safe mode and test the mouse?

ch40s4eva, Sep 2, 11:03pm
Same good old F8 during computer start up :)

ch40s4eva, Sep 2, 11:05pm
As for the mouse problem with drivers probably?

ch40s4eva, Sep 2, 11:05pm
If the mouse is NEW (compare to windows95, anyway) it might not be compatible with that version of win.

catsmeat1, Sep 2, 11:06pm
Cheers I knew it was something obvious like that. Step one, will have a go in safe mode and see if mouse is knackered. Depending on that I might be back,

ch40s4eva, Sep 2, 11:08pm
Cool good luck with the ANTIQUE :D lol Didn't know win95 still existed. :)

pcmaster, Sep 2, 11:11pm
Ya may wanna check the hardware list sounds like its missing some drivers.

catsmeat1, Sep 3, 12:53am
Thanks for the advice looks terminal Can't get safe mode to startup. Whirs for ages, desktop background comes up with very poor resolution and "safe mode" message, then I get an error message about registry problem and need to restore off backup, I click restore option, then quickly get box saying to restore backup need to restart computer Yes/No. So say yes and if I F8 for safe I get the same message, if I go for a normal startup, get the original problem. So will dump it - by the way where do you take dead computers to in Auckland? Also the mouse has been on the machine for 18 months so should be OK.

ch40s4eva, Sep 3, 1:42am
Yeah good call, the best fix for that computer is to scrap it and upgrade to something newer. as for the scrapping old pc, have a read here: http://www.zerowaste.co.nz/default,331.sm might find a place :)

pcmaster, Sep 3, 1:55am
If you were prepared to put it on a courier i'd take it off your hands.

swivel, Sep 3, 2:04am
Try F6 or F4 for the older systems

pcmaster, Sep 3, 2:09am
Safemode in win95 is F5.

drcspy, Sep 3, 3:56am
That's is correct it'll take you straight to safemode....however if when you get there it gives you the registry problem message and suggests you restart DONT tap F8 when you do cause then you're just bypassing the systems repair attempt.....otherwise boot from a floppy (win98 boot floppy will work fine for this get one from www.bootdisk.com if you need) and then when you are at the A: prompt type in scanreg /restore and tap enter the system will give you FIVE choices of registries to restore back to ........chooose one (using your arrow keys) and then tap enter......after it's finished cross fingers and restart

catsmeat1, Sep 3, 6:53am
Thanks for the suggestions I tried to boot in floppy drive with the Win 95 boot disk, but no joy. In the meantime we've bought a second hand one off Tme Win XP, so it'll be a big step forward. Sorry can't be bothered putting on courier, found a big hole down the back of the farm.

ruki1, Sep 3, 7:57am
Check the Bios settings Hit Del (mostly ,pos F2) during powerup and see if the mouse is actualy activated.
Could be the bios battery has gone flat and all settings gone back to default, Might also affect display

pcmaster, Sep 3, 10:01pm
a win95 boot floppy is fairly limited, a 98 or even ME one can do a bit more,

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