bittorrent clients which drip feed last few pieces

chessman, Sep 4, 3:12am
Bittorrent clients which drip feed last few pieces is it true the some bittorrent clients (when uploading) will drip feed the last few file pieces (file blocks) to clients with 99% completed? just wondering because ive been downloading a 4.3gb dvd image and it went quite fast then stalled at 99% but still uploading very heavily, im using azureus and on the peer list for the torrent im downloading, its showing several peers with 100% completed. maybe this is some method to stop people downloading torrents then doing the runners without seeding after its complete?

barmanmyk, Sep 4, 8:44pm
Often wondered that myself. Asked the mods of a couple I belong to, who - of course - denied it. Don't get it so much on torrents as emule.

nzoomed, Sep 4, 9:41pm
DONT TALK ABOUT THIS!!! i know EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN! lol this reminds me of me as a teen in the dial up days downloading games etc! i dont seem to really have this problem with torrents yet, but i hate it when doing a download weather its emule or anything and the download either stops at 99% or slows right down, it does happen and it almost seems intentional! i remember having this happen after downloading games that were 300MB on dial up over a month or so, and i would have to wait 2+ hours, or even try each day for another week for the 1% to finish, and then sometimes after that the archive was corrupt and winzip or winrar could not read it! grrrrr

nzoomed, Sep 4, 9:42pm
Emule does it all the time lol

kylea_damien, Sep 5, 12:12am
You will find this is becuase With torrents it download it in small chunks, most of the time it will get the chunks in sucession IE Chunk 1 2 3 4 5 6 etc. however when it gets to the end its going through and getting all the chunks it missed which means alot more back and fro data. I personally dont notice it but have heard of it happening to others.

sighkick, Sep 5, 1:17am
This is by no means a technical explanation butI believe the reason is that the initial seeder has set the SEED to Initial Seeding. This means that the Initial Seeder will only provide each 'bit' once and will NOT send out any 'bit' that it sees is already out there. There is a possibility that the one person that has YOUR 'bit' has throttled uploading to 1Kb/sec or is offline most of the time. As I said, this is not an exact science and that is my theory. I have one Dr. Who DVD [4.3Gb] stuck on 99.1% and ALL seeders are gone.

osymandias, Sep 5, 2:41am
Well that and your client grabs any chunk available, so early on, the speed is good because it does not matter which part is getting sent down. At the end it needs a very specific segment, so it has to wait for a peer that A) has that piece B) has an available upload slot and C) hasn't put you on it's shitlist because you have too many connections open and timed out before.

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