Who has the cheapest .co.nz web hosting service

Who has the cheapest .co.nz web hosting service any help would be much welcomed!

geek_djluke, Mar 19, 7:25 am

Domain and hosting 2 diffrent things

geek_jancemord, Mar 19, 7:32 am

I have the domain all sorted which is a .co.nz im looking for a host ie i want to change hosting company.

geek_djluke, Mar 19, 7:51 am

I'd like to know this also  

geek_shiningstar8, Mar 19, 8:48 am

Any half decent web host in the world can use you .co.nz domain. I uses http://www.3ix.com for my non commercial sites.

geek_hdmovies, Mar 19, 9:35 am


geek_ccleaner, Mar 19, 10:08 am

Host with go daddy there not NZ but the rate is good... we buy a domain with first domains transfer for free to go daddy and host with go daddy! :) The pricing is great

geek_smithjj, Mar 19, 10:20 am

So i dont need to host a .co.nz in NZ then

geek_djluke, Mar 19, 11:52 pm

Correct. .

geek_hdmovies, Mar 20, 12:45 am

Nope you don't need too you can host it anywhere you want too

geek_smithjj, Mar 20, 12:50 am

Http://hostjury.com/reviews/ Is one of the best (international) resources have come across...

geek_alucard_nz, Mar 20, 8:33 am