What printer???....

lauren301, Sep 8, 9:40am
What printer???Hi folks.I need help with buying a new printer.I currently have a Canon Pixma MP160 3 in 1.Love it but it's cheaper to buy a new printer than to replace the ink!Main use is general printing as well as quality photos on glossy paper,family pics,stuff like that.Don't want to spend truck loads but ink must be alot cheaper than the $65 I'm currently paying.Ant suggestions are greatly appreciated.

dougstringer, Sep 8, 9:43am
Harvey Norman had Canon MP210 for $38 last week...

lauren301, Sep 8, 9:45am
I saw that Great buy.I live on the West Coast though & would the ink not be similar in price?

billybob57, Sep 8, 9:51am
I have same printer get the cartride refilled, tried it myself once and didnt work out to good, ink didnt want to stay in it, will leave it up to the professionals. I looked for a new printer, the quality seems rather flimsy now so stuck with the MP160 it's a great printer.

hakatere1, Sep 8, 11:15am
Check this out. TradeMe 174482413 I have one for a canon pixma. I'm waiting for original carts to empty out a bit and then I'll install it. Looks simple enough.

morrisman1, Sep 8, 11:27am
Just get new cartridges the ones that come with a new printer are only half full anyway. be nice to the environment and just replace the cartridges. if you are cheap then get them refilled by somewhere like cartridge world but remember that non genuine inks can cause problems with the heads because of their drying times and temperatures.

drcspy, Sep 8, 4:29pm
Just buy 10 printers at $38 each it'll take a while to use up that ink and it'll still be a lot cheaper than buying cartridges......I NEVER buy 'real' ink it's just ridiculously expensive....

nzmu, Sep 8, 5:23pm
You mention that you print quality photos. Why buy cheap ink? Most cheap ink is dye based whereas brand ink is pigment based and resin is a factoring component. Cheap ink over time can fade and change colur, manufactured ink is made to last - some have life expectencies to 100+ years. As mentioned above, most Canon printers come out with starter cartridges (approx 20-30% of the retail ones). Also, as mentioned above, poor quality ink can seriously harm your printer. jmtcw

lauren301, Sep 8, 6:15pm
Sounds like refilling them is the way to go then.I honestly thought it was a big no no.I shall look into it.

deej5, Sep 9, 10:18pm
The answer for me is ...two printers. One, for general printing with 4 colour cartridges and built in scanner (Epson CX8300). The other for high quality photo printing with 6 colour cartridges (Epson Photo R800).

kevin16, Sep 9, 10:27pm
Deej5 has it sussed first, Epson, brilliant cheap, never hada 'bad' one, second,.. one printer dedicated for txt/gp and one for photo quality,..

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