Online pc shops, The good and the not so good

baker-assoc, Sep 8, 10:00am
Online pc shops, The good and the not so good From personal experience Ive never had a problem with ascent but oczone would honor a warranty on a motherboard I sent back

Taken from gp forums

***Highly Recommended (Superb service, not dodgy, will always honour warranties)***

C1shoppingmall ( *Free Shipping over $500*
Playtech ( *Free Shipping until Dec 31st*
Computer Lounge ( *Free Shipping*
Ascent Technology ( *Free Shipping*
Gameplanet Store ( *Free Shipping over $50*

***Recommended (Good service majority of the time - rarely cause major problems)***

Tastech Computers (
PB Tech (
XP Computers (
Ifocus ( *Free Shipping until Dec 31st*
Tastech Computers (

baker-assoc, Sep 8, 10:00am
***Poor - Average (Can be dodgy at times but generally do the job, poor to ok service - Avoid if you can)***

ExtremePC (
Pcpacific (
Xtremesystems (
OCZone (
SuperCheapPC (
PC Online Shop (

***Very Poor (Very dodgy most of the time, very poor service, may not honour warranties - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE)***

Expert Infotech (
Parallel Imported (

baker-assoc, Sep 8, 10:00am
Orginal message here

flewy, Sep 8, 10:10am
1 msg from one person, read the whole thing OCzone- EXCELLENT and ExtremePC - EXCELLENT , dealt with both.

selfdestructive, Sep 8, 2:44pm
.........I found good as you talk directly with theyre customer support and the stuff you order comes a day 2 days later and the postage is cheap. But the downside with them is the courier company they deal with are total idiots.

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