Ad-aware seems to be getting stuck during scan

Ad-aware seems to be getting stuck during scan It gets to "current section - scanning folders (Conditional)"
and the time just keeps going on, yet nothing else happens. Only seems to happen when I do a full scan. But it is showing 8 infections, can I fix those without ending the scan? I tried before but could only completely close the program.

geek_jaynnie, Mar 20, 4:01 pm

Any ideas at all???

geek_jaynnie, Mar 20, 4:20 pm

Some viruses act to prevent your av from working, that could be the problem. If possible, perhaps run an AV from another computer (networked together) or maybe from a program burned to disk? Or there are some scanners available online that work from the web page but as I've never used them I don't know if they will also repair an infected computer...but someone here will know.

geek_julieandcasper, Mar 20, 4:41 pm

.... try antivir, spybot and asquared free. those three are the ones i've found most effective when the viruses begin to spawn..

geek_charles.j, Mar 20, 4:58 pm

#1... Ad-awareSE or Ad-aware2007. Try Spy-bot or AVG Aware remover

geek_swivel, Mar 20, 5:01 pm

Thanks everyone I have Ad-aware 2007. Have run spybot but it didn't pick anything up will try some of the other suggestions (not on a networked computer though)

geek_jaynnie, Mar 20, 5:05 pm

... I had Adaware 2007 hang like that a few weeks ago on one of our win2K computers yet the other 10 computers finished the scan no problemo… I first suspected a disabling Keylogger/virus etc so I ghosted one of my images onto it, updated everything… yet, as soon as I scanned the new image with Adaware, the blimmen thing still hung and wouldn’t finish… after much head scratching I saw that the only difference between this komp and all the others was the RAM size ie it was 128 RAM… so I increased the RAM to 190ish… ran Adaware… and it completed the scan no problemo???

geek_jaguar2007, Mar 20, 8:20 pm

#1... Another way is to watch it, when it finds the files, stop the scan, then delete what it finds. Then rescan again

geek_swivel, Mar 20, 8:33 pm