Whats A Good Cheap Printer With Cheap Ink Cartridg

bp-nz-yoyo, Sep 9, 11:59am
Whats A Good Cheap Printer With Cheap Ink Cartridg cartridges. Need one not a fancy one just a cheap colour printer that does the job and lasts long. And also the ink cartridges must be cheap. Dont need one with a scanner or photocopier.I bought the cheapest printer with a scanner photocopier printer but the ink cartridges were dare as, so i dont wanna do that again

namtak, Sep 9, 12:31pm
# 1 Find yourself a Hewlet Packard HP640c. They're getting old now but rugged and reliable. Can frequently pick up cartridges on here for very reasonable prices. The cartridges have nozzles built in so you can use other brandname cartridges. No print head to worry about.I run several of these for general document printing and they perform well.

shavas, Sep 9, 10:29pm
Printer get a canon or brother. HP are the most expensive for cartridges. Also you are better off in the end if you want to do colour to get a laser. All depends on volume. If you are printing pictures. Just take them to a shop and get done on special . You cant match the quality and price.

tigra, Sep 9, 11:30pm
Colour lasers would hardly fit the requirement of very cheap.

magenta, Sep 10, 3:52am
In my experience with a lot of printers over quite a long time the words "cheap" and "printer" should not be used in the same sentence. Ink is very expensive and often the compatibles do not work well. I have been involved with two Brother printers and neither printed properly using compatible inks. One, the 215c uses ink without printing anything. It cleans itself more than our cat. My Canon was lovely but went to premature printer heaven because it got clogged with ink from compatibles. The older HP printers as mentioned above were quite good but most dont have usb connections and many modern computers dont come with parallel ports. I personally use a colour laser, but have just bought a very cheap HP2280mfc from Warehouse Stationery ($69.00) for a specific job.It is quick and produces surprisingly nice prints. It uses 21 and 22 cartridges which are quite cheap although individual cartridges do work out cheaper. However do not expect a long life from todays printers.

shavas, Sep 10, 4:53am
Cheap Samsung CLP-300 Colour Laser 34 prices $196.85

Oh wow.. so expensive. Heckmy $80 inkjet and $80 worth of ink saved me all of $30witch i will make back by the fact i can print 20x as much with my colour laser. Face it lasers are getting CHEAP now. Inkjets are not.

sanders4, Sep 10, 7:14am
Re 6 I use Epson printers, for both black and 3 pot colour cartridges plus postage plus I get good mileage and results from these units.

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