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gibbo1967, Sep 9, 10:18pm
Adsl broadband & home phoneline plans My contract with orcon expires later this month....will go from $80 (incl free homeline) and will cost $124.95 next month.

Any recommendations???

beejay44, Sep 9, 11:19pm
Re Telstra I am in the same position. I have been happy with Orcon but what I am getting now will be $139.95 per month. I have phoned Telstra and I can get 10gb of Broadband + Homeline for $100.34 including caller display and call waiting. I think they have 2 months free before 30th Sept. Which seems attractive. I don't know what Telstra's service and speeds are like I am getting around 4 mega bits now download speed.

monsooon, Sep 9, 11:31pm
You guys might be better off getting it seperately. Just get your standard homeline from any provider for $46 or so. Xnet 10gb for $44 a month.

monsooon, Sep 9, 11:34pm
Oh & the speeds on Xnet are the same as Orcon (i switched from orcon to xnet). However during off-peak hours from 12am-8am, the speeds do drop as everyone does their torrent downloads then.

asmawa1, Sep 9, 11:44pm
Xnet homepage is interesting I cant seem to to find a price/plan for 10gb @$44. Drop down menu jumps from dial-up to HSI........or am I not reading it right?

mone, Sep 10, 12:09am
Vodafone. $80/month for landline and 5GB internet.

0800xford, Sep 10, 12:14am
slingshot inferno -

rhys5, Sep 10, 1:21am
Orcon I'm with Orcon. I really want to stay with them. I'm going to be paying more. It's going to cost me $124.95. Feels like a big price rise

beejay44, Sep 10, 1:45am
Re 6 What sort of speeds do you get with Vodafone? They had some problems before. I don't think 5gb will be enough we get 20gb now although only use to 10gb or 13gb max.

mone, Sep 10, 2:07am
Beejay44 another option is like me, I am actually on their 10Gb plan, for $90/month. You can double this to 20Gb for an extra $10. The max i have reached is 4mbps, but thats prob because our Pt Chev exchange is one of the oldest, so chances are your local exchange would give you even faster.

mai_b_not, Sep 10, 2:14am
Xnet has a montly charge of $34. You pay what you use. It's $1.04 per gig. So if you're on holiday & don't use the internet at all, then you'll pay $34 for the montly charge. If you use 5gb, then it'll be arount $39 a month. The speeds are good but it does slow down between 12am-8am.

beejay44, Sep 10, 2:33am
Re 10 I am close to the broadband signal which is around Grammar School Rd in Pakuranga I am told.

beejay44, Sep 10, 2:36am
Re 11 That sounds good to pay for what you use. I would be a bit concerned if a lot of people are going to use utorrent I will get slower speeds.

mone, Sep 10, 3:52am
you could hit 4 or 5mbps with Vodafone

beejay44, Sep 10, 4:08am
Re 12 I regularly get 4mbps now. So I want to make sure if I change I am not going to get a slower speed than I am getting now.

mone, Sep 10, 4:46am
Beejay if the plan youre signing up to says max speed, i think its irrelevant what ISP you are with, they will all reach similar speed as long as your local exchange is capable of it.

leeannt, Sep 10, 7:02am
Im coming off a 12 month Ihug hm &bband deal end of next month tooUsed to be $30 1GB creditted and $40 for their homeline. Still tryna decide if I want to sign up for another 12 mths with them and pay $30 for 1GB, but I know that wont be enough now, cos I too recently discovered torrents! Are there any isp's out there that don't have a contract for broadband? We are looking at moving to Oz end of year too, so don't wanna face a early termination fee if possible...

esawers, Sep 10, 8:17am
You wont need to sign up for another 12 months with vodafone. we are on the same plan. when your contract expires it just continues as normal but with the extra $30 and you can cancel anytime. i'm hoping someone will bring another good deal out before the end of the year

beejay44, Sep 10, 11:15am
Re 17 Orcon doesn't have a contract period. You can leave at any time I was told today. Without even having to give 30 days notice.

beejay44, Sep 10, 11:19am
Does anyone have Telstra What are their speeds and service like in Auckland. I phoned a lady there today to find out about prices and she was a right cow. Mooooooooooo
I hope their support people are better than that.

whastreet, Sep 10, 7:28pm
Im in hamilton, can I get xnet? incidently have had magnificent service from Telstra!!

monsooon, Sep 11, 2:21am
Yes, instead of waiting for someone to reply in a forum go onto the Xnet website. Theres a section where you enter your phone number & it will tell you if Xnet is available & what speeds you should be expecting.

leeannt, Sep 12, 10:14am
re: orcon not having a fixed contract period...wish I had seen this before I spoke with them today. Stink because they told me it was a standard 12 mnth period...urghI also spoke with Woosh and they do a $30 5GB & $20 hm phn deal. Only catch is like Orcon, you need to be in their area and apparently I am JUST on the outskirts in Mt Wellington. So having the fulla from Woosh come to run tests next week. Ive heard some crap reviews of Woosh wireless, does anyone use their broadband? And is that anygood?

omzig, Sep 12, 11:13am
Ihug Data allowance Pack price (includes home phone & standard per minute calling) *Max speed down/up
20GB $90/month max/max

Ihug seem to have a good package but who knows what they are like

1fordluva, Sep 12, 7:20pm
Slingshot i have a package from slingshot, $88 per mnth..includes phone line, broadband 15gb per mnth toll calls to landline nz and oz for upto 2 hrs anytime any calls are extra.

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