Got rid of the pc today - printer problem

scarpetta, Sep 12, 4:03am
Got rid of the pc today - printer problem and am now on wireless with laptop printer lead wont fit the laptop. Is there an accessory that will fix this and whats it called?

0800xford, Sep 12, 4:12am
does the printer have USB or wireless capabilities? what's the printer model?

scarpetta, Sep 12, 4:15am
Its an HP laserjet 1100 the old plug in type, not USB...

scarpetta, Sep 12, 4:16am
Its an old trooper Great for very large assignments etc...

mrfxit, Sep 12, 4:30am
What you need is a print server switch Theres a few different models around including wireless & usb model & parallel port models like yours. Patching up a parallel printer & print server to wireless WILL not be cheap at retail prices.

0800xford, Sep 12, 4:30am
auction # 176104977

hakatere1, Sep 12, 4:30am
DSE cat number XH9029 $90 though. Cheaper than another laser printer.

hakatere1, Sep 12, 4:33am
Disregard is onto it.

scarpetta, Sep 12, 4:36am
Bought it Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

drcspy, Sep 12, 4:46am
Is the printer hooked up to another pc ? if so you could use it as a 'network' cost

mrfxit, Sep 12, 4:49am
Cool & simple for a single comp. I like it ;-)

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