hereiam1962, Sep 14, 4:35am
Adaware?????????? which is the best spyware programme to download? ive being told by a pc shop i need to download adaware to my pc but id have no clue what one tia

0800xford, Sep 14, 4:36am
that's the name of a program - lavasoft 'adaware'. it's good too, so is spybot.

asmawa1, Sep 14, 4:37am
Try this

artiew, Sep 14, 6:50am
AVG Free Version 8.0

Has spyware/virus protection combined in the one application..which is always a good thing when trying to keep the PC Memory resources to a minimum...dont you just love when Norton 360 kicks into action and you can't use the PC whilst it runs a PC scan....burr burr..cos it hauls all or most of the RAM allocation to run itself...

hereiam1962, Sep 14, 6:59am
Yeah i had avg on my old pc this one has bitdefender guy at the store said i needed to get adaware as well

hereiam1962, Sep 14, 7:02am
Might have to buy one in the shop because free ones on here sure may pick up errors but in order to delete them it seems you have to register which costs and dont have visa

chapadao, Sep 14, 7:20am
Make sure u download it from or the address in , it's free, there are others with similar names etc. that just want money

ferita, Sep 14, 7:28am
A-Squared Anti-Malware Its what I use and I worked for many years as a malware analysist.

swivel, Sep 14, 8:25am
Go to and get Spy-Bot Search and Destroy (it's free and Good).

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