help needed on rebooting my acer laptop

Help needed on rebooting my acer laptop i need my unit empty again as it is full of years of crap,
when i restart my unit i press ESC which take me to the reboot page but i cannot seem to completely reboot it as this only restarts windows, unfortunately i have misplace the info sheet that has the instructions after reaching this stage,

geek_kiwi-image, Sep 14, 5:11 pm

Did you put your recovery/install cd in cd drive? Hard to say what you mean. Reboot simply means restarting your computer, but I have the idea you want to format and reinstall windows. Do you?

geek_hakatere1, Sep 14, 5:53 pm

Acer Recovery Place the Acer Recovery CD into the CD tray of the laptop, restart the unit - hopefully BIOS setting will look to the CD Drive for content, the recovery menu from the CD should appear when you confirm the option to boot from CD.

If you do manage to access the SETUP (Bios) by pressing Esc, Delete etc page through to the Boot Device Priority or Boot Options from the Menus - check that CD option is either first or second in the boot order then esc out of BIOS confirming any changes you may have made.

geek_artiew, Sep 14, 6:31 pm

Orif it had a partition hard disk. (1)Restart the system (2) While the Acer logo is showing, press Alt and F10 at the same time to enter the recovery process (3) Refer to the onscreen instructions to perform system recovery.

geek_johnlyn, Sep 14, 6:38 pm