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max-a-million, Sep 14, 10:32pm
Server help I am running server 2003 R2 and when I add a new computer to the domain / network it gets all the software automatically. This time it has not happened. Can anyone please help me work this out because my boss wants it up and running by mid week.


matthew_129, Sep 15, 1:24am
Need some more info has the recently added pc gone into the correct OU in AD? if it hasnt the software probably wont deploy to it. Made any group policy changes lately?

lostdude, Sep 15, 1:31am
Ifyour job is to maintain your company's network, may I ask how you got your job?

max-a-million, Sep 15, 3:39am
First of all, it is an extra responsibility that has to be done, without PAY.

when I joined the computer to the network I located it in the Active Directory and moved it to the correct grouping, so that it has the correct rules and rights set up for it. I have done this task many times, but they are usually laptops and this on is a desk top. I have just completed this task with another laptop and all the software that gets pushed through on a new machine has been. Is there something that has to be changed in a desktop computer that is different to a laptop???

Thanks for all the GOOD advice from some people :)

dougstringer, Sep 15, 3:41am
Find the new computer in AD & add software to it.

max-a-million, Sep 15, 7:09am
I dont want to sound dumb or anything but how do I do that please. I am still just on a steep learning curve about all these things.

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