ADSL2 with the go large plan

ADSL2 with the go large plan Is anyone on the go large plan thats been connected to a cabinet with Adsl2? If so has your speed increased?

geek_omzig, Sep 15, 3:25 pm

Yes. NO, not really. Downstream noise margin improved though.

geek_snookim, Sep 15, 4:44 pm

Go large is not a Adsl 2 plan hence it wont give adsl 2 speeds

geek_baker-assoc, Sep 15, 5:42 pm

Go large Yep I know that now, but my speed has increased as I use to live so far away from the exchange and now that the cabinet is just around the corner my internet browsing and youtube experience has improved heaps and my ping has dropped by around 30ms to gaming servers.

geek_omzig, Sep 15, 5:54 pm

Http:// I sync at about 10500kbps on Go Large. I would say the only reason my speed tests aren't higher is due to the limited upload speed.

geek_rhys.m, Sep 15, 6:28 pm