Is Vista at fault?

vitaminh, Sep 16, 7:32am
Is Vista at fault? Greetings, I have a brand new laptop (Acer) I know i know, running Home basic, and it keeps dropping its wireless conection and I have to resart it and the router to get conected again, also the mouse freezes all the time, only for a second or two then its fine, I have contacted Slingshot who have tested the line and they say its not the line or the router at fault, so could it be Vista?? Ive taled to Msoft and they have told me all sorts of silly basic stuff that makes no dam difference, any thoughts? and before ppl start Acer bashing, my old lappy was also an acer running Xp and never missed a beat using the same connection, all thoughts welcome except ppl who are going to tell me how bad my grammer is lol :) Cheers all.

eventpro, Sep 16, 8:04am
Have you updated all your drivers?

vitaminh, Sep 16, 8:14am
Hi I have updated my routers driver And my Mouse, What others should I update?? is there a way to check out which softeare needs updating other than going through them individualy? Thanks :)

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