I have 2 computers - 1 printer

jojo76, Sep 17, 8:21pm
I have 2 computers - 1 printer My desktop is attached to the printer, but I want it so my laptop can print from the same printer. The laptop has wi fi, so can it be done, and what would I need. Thanks

flick13, Sep 17, 8:22pm
A Print serverProbably a wireless one if you want to use the laptop wirelessly.

drcspy, Sep 17, 8:26pm
I have whats most likely a similar setup laptop connects thru wireless accesspoint to adsl modem.....it's also networked to desktop pc....desktop pc has printer plugged in......simple really to install a 'network' printer on the laptop and it then enables you to print wirelessly from laptop so long as the desktop is on.....

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