Apple Mac OS X...HELP

davarna, Sep 19, 1:08am
Apple Mac OS X...HELP we have a laptop that was working fine but we put a music disc in and it seemed to crash it, now when we turn it on all we get is the password screen and our password dosen't work now, nothing is happening...what have we done and how do we fix this, without a disc as we have misplaced there a standard startup password that we need to use...dont remember the one we had when we brought it...

gibler, Sep 19, 1:24am
*rolls eyes* so no OS X install or restore CD eh? Well here is the place for you:

morrisman1, Sep 19, 1:27am
Wait for dunedin_ree she will whip that computer back into line!

davarna, Sep 19, 1:51am
Have found install disc BUT i have inserted the install disc but it dosent run or anything just stays with the administrators password. as you can tell we are not computer savvy

puddleduck00, Sep 19, 3:05am
Think you have to hold down C when u startup from memory

malachiman, Sep 19, 3:43am
Yep, holding C while rebooting will boot from a disc, or you can also hold the options key down and it will present all bootable options.

cacteur, Sep 19, 5:24am
Yes you need to restart it davarna.. .. with the install disc loaded and keeping the 'c' key pressed down it will load from the install disc and you can give your hard drive a clean. From memory you can do that without your admin password but you really should find that password. You'll need it for a lot of basic things, like installing software or media player codecs, I'm surprised your retailer didn't get you to pick your own. There is a way to change it, but you do need to know your way around OSX, and you need to be logged on.

gibler, Sep 19, 6:43am
Er one of the utilities on an OS X install CD/DVD is "Reset Password"

wogadopolous, Sep 19, 6:58am
Madness some would sayOverkill others would! Listen to Gibler, he knows what he's on about!

cacteur, Sep 19, 8:00am
Ahacool bananas.. .. haven't used one for ages.

gibler, Sep 19, 8:25am
yeah I avoid them in favour of an image of one on a firewire drive. Removing the .AppleSetupDone fie is my favourite to get an admin account.

cacteur, Sep 19, 8:40am
I've never needed.. .. to change a password before gibler. I just remember reading about it once. I use a Tech Tool Pro DVD for disc cleaning. I'm more of a power user than a techiebut I try to help when I can.. don't always get it right.

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