Adobe Reader 9

imrae1, Sep 20, 3:44am
Adobe Reader 9 Hi I have music sheets in pdf. Can I make books of them to open with adobe reader 9

r.g.nixon, Sep 20, 4:11am
Yes use a multi-page PDF printer, like eDoc PDF Printer Pro, several others also do it.

badcam, Sep 20, 4:14am
And while you're at it, uninstall Acrobat and install Foxit Reader. Far superior, it's not bloatware, loads instantly and no nagging:

imrae1, Sep 20, 4:21am
Thanx I will try Foxit. All new to me. As kids say welcome to the digital world mum

imrae1, Sep 20, 4:22am
Is there a free multi pdf around

drcspy, Sep 20, 4:26am
What EXACTLY do you mean a "free multi pdf".......what do you expect it to do for you ?....foxit READS pdf files and that's what it's designed to do....if you want to CREATE pdf files that's ddifferent

r.g.nixon, Sep 20, 4:31am
Try this program instead to avoid "reprinting" each PDF.

imrae1, Sep 20, 4:33am
I have the sheets as seperate pages. What I would like to do is put them into a book with multi pages that Adobe or whatever can read

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