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karenz, Sep 21, 1:01am
Printer help When I turn my printer on - it is an Epson CX8300 all-in-one - I get a message A printer error has occurred. Turn off the printer, then press On button to turn on. See your documentation. I follow this message and the same thing just happens again. There is nothing in the on-line manual that in any way alluedes to this problem.

comfreak91, Sep 21, 1:07am
Seems pretty vague i could only say reinstall it

karenz, Sep 21, 1:12am
I thought I had Now when I went to the printers folder it was there with a job pending, I cancelled the job and it disappeared altogether.

karenz, Sep 21, 1:17am
The printer is in there ass the default printer, this all started with a paper jam which was cleared then this error message.

l1002005, Sep 21, 1:18am
Try uninstall and reinstall of the printer drivers and software. Check all connections to the pc and the orinter and then test again. Failing that.. try it on another pc to se if the printer actually works

nzmu, Sep 21, 1:19am
Did you remove the paper jam carefully through the front or did you pull it out staright from the back, you may have damaged the feeder.

l1002005, Sep 21, 1:20am
Ahhh a paper jam.. im guessing you cleared the jam and no its not going? ensure that all all internal components look as tho they are clicked, inserted and seated as they should. Covers shut properly etc..power off for a min and then re-power printer. see how ya go

karenz, Sep 21, 1:26am
Yes the dreaded paperjam Replaced one of the cartridges to try and trick it then it came up with 'can't recornise cartridge' and a paper jam message - there seems to be a little bit of paper on the inside top right corner of the scanner section which I can't get to, if that is it I am stuffed aren't I?

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