Laptop adapter question

shayroch, Sep 21, 5:16am
Laptop adapter question Might seem a silly question, but if my adapter for my laptop is 90w, what would be the outcome of running an adapter identical specs other ones 90w and the other is 80w.

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 21, 5:17am
Probly find its just slower to charge the battery.

shayroch, Sep 21, 5:19am
The battery is dicked anyway Its an older presario 2500 series.
Would cost more to buy a new battery than what its worth. If all the other input specs are the same, the wattage doesn't really matter?

richms, Sep 21, 6:43am
You will be overloading the adaptor, making it run hotter and possibly blow up sooner. It may simply shut down if you take too much current from it, but most seem to handle a small overload ok.

There is no way for the laptop to know what the adapter is rated for, so it will just take the current it wants. Thats assuming the laptop really needs 90 watts and they dont just specify that because they already made one in the product range.

Also if you have a full battery then the draw will be less since its not charging the battery, so if you plug it in and have it off and then only turn the laptop on when the battery is full it should never get to the full current draw.

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