Canon BJC-4310Sp printer

maybank, Mar 18, 4:46am
Canon BJC-4310Sp printer I have just bought a new Laptop with Windows Vista and do you think I can find a printer driver for it for Vista? Anyone know where I can?

dveditor, Mar 18, 4:49am
How old is the printer as canon may have neglected to make a driver for vista for this printer?

maybank, Mar 18, 5:04am
4 or 5 years old or so.

nzmu, Mar 18, 5:07am
Although not common practice... have you just tried connecting the printer to see what Vista does? I plugged in an 'older' headset recently and Vista had them sorted in a few minutes (slightly different to a printer I know.)

dveditor, Mar 18, 5:12am
It appears canon have not release drivers for this printer, hp did it too on a two year old printer but there was a work around but very dont hold up my luck for you. might be time for a enw printer.

maybank, Mar 19, 3:20am
Thanks for all your help people It is a spare printer but I went and bout an adaptor for it so I could plug it into a USB port for $90 and I just didn't want to waste my money. It appears that I mght have though. I plugged a Brother MFC-425CN into the computer found the driver for that, but not the Canon. Sigh! Thanks again.

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