My Acer laptop has 2 memory slots - each has

smine, Sep 22, 4:28pm
My Acer laptop has 2 memory slots - each has 512Mb of DDR-2 533. It can take 3Gb. The cheapest way to increase is to buy one 2Gb card, giving me 2.5Gb total. Any problem with the sizes or compatibility if I get a different manufacturer? The best would be one at 2Gb and one at 1Gb but costs double.

smine, Sep 22, 4:32pm
Just looked at Price Spy, not quite double. .

smine, Sep 22, 4:34pm
Also could I use faster memory? How would I determine that? Thanks

deus701, Sep 22, 4:39pm run a scan there, it tell u what specific ram to buy.

blenheim-trader, Sep 22, 4:39pm
Faster memory is ok if the new memory is backwards compatible with lower fsb..

osymandias, Sep 22, 8:05pm
It's unlikely that your laptop will take advantage of faster memory speed, the module will drop back to your default, only a few gaming laptops will let you rise the fsb or multiplier for ram. If you can get lower latency memory you might see a (almost imperceptible) benefit. If you have two memory modules of the SAME size, they will run in dual-channel allowing for some performance increase. You can use 2X2GB, your laptop will see about 3.2GB of it. On a laptop, the biggest choking point is usually a slow hard drive.

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